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Press Release
December 5th, 2013

Press Release

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE - Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software solutions, announced today a major update on its product and price list for its game-changing application Clarisse iFX.

Clarisse iFX new pricing

"When the intro videos for Clarisse iFX appeared on Isotropix’s site (...), jaws in the 3D community hit the floor" (Mike Griggs, 3D World November 2012) . Since 2012, Isotropix strategy is to build strong relationships with world leading studios to mature its software, using real production data, to bring Clarisse to a next level: “Not only is Clarisse a blazingly fast renderer but it allows an artist an incredible amount of flexibility in how they setup their scenes.  It somehow manages to allow very complex setups while making it seem simple, intuitive and artist friendly.  As our industry changes and the requirements of visual effects become more and more complex, this intuitive approach is invaluable.  Fortunately it's also backed up with a renderer that can handle the complexity.”, said Graham Jack Co-Head of 3D at Double Negative. 

These great collaborations led to the release of Clarisse iFX 1.5 bringing major improvements in many areas of the work flow. “Of all the 3d programs I've used, Clarisse is way out ahead of the pack in terms of ease of use, interactivity, fast handling of huge amounts of data, and ease of pipeline integration. The guys at Isotropix are dedicated to putting power into the hands of production artists and streamlining their work flow, and the result is an entirely new experience of creativity and productivity that we have all been waiting for”, said Paul Huston Senior/Lead Digital Matte Artist at Industrial Light & Magic. 

In its latest 1.6 release, resulting from a close work with smaller sized studios, Clarisse, is now plug & play and can be easily integrated in any pipeline including freelancers’ and small to mid-sized studios’. “Thanks to the precious feedback of all our users, Clarisse has matured to become the robust software that meets the daily needs of freelancers up to CG Artists working in world leading studios”, said Sébastien Guichou, CTO of Isotropix. 

The company has now decided to open up its products to a wider market to answer artists and small studios frustration. Isotropix introduces in its permanent range of products two node-locked licenses of Clarisse iFX and a new product, called CRender. Node-locked licenses, dedicated to freelancers and to small studios, are respectively available at the incredible prices of $ 999 and $ 1499. Announced at $ 459, CRender has been designed to address their needs to exclusively support rendering and is recommended for small to mid-sized studios. CNode, their more advanced product for render nodes, has seen its price reduced to $ 849. Finally, a large range of bundles of iFX and multiple CRender is also offered starting from $ 1999. 

“From now on, every studios and 3D Artists can afford to create images with zillions of polygons interactively. They can benefit from a fully featured version of Clarisse with all its unique technologies without any compromise” said Houman Assadian, Sales Director at Isotropix. "When we first tested Clarisse we were like kids in front of Santa. It was the first time we could directly work on the final image and play with so many polygons. We could test lots of stuffs…. Since, we use Clarisse for all digital sets we are working on.", said Christophe Courgeau, Matte painting Supervisor at Mikros Image. 

Their product, Clarisse iFX, allows artists to create, in an unprecedented manner and at an incredible speed, life-like visually rich animated 3D CGI. Arvid Björn, 3D Lead at STOPP/POST PRODUCTION, declared: “The one thing I've always been missing in production is instant visual feedback, especially for layout and lighting, Clarisse offers precisely that, and it never buckles under pressure. For our latest project, Clarisse allowed us to create a fully detailed CG stadium asset with some 70,000 detailed crowd characters using over 400 texture files, in a very short time span, and with interactive render speeds.” 

“This new pricing is what many were waiting for. More and more projects are relying on Clarisse as we speak and I can already tell 2014 is going to be a very exciting year for everyone.” said Sam Assadian, CEO of Isotropix.