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Press Release
March 28th, 2018

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, March 28th, 2018 – Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software, released today Clarisse 3.6 SP1 a new update bringing the NVIDIA OptiX AI denoiser to its flagship product. Unveiled today by Sébastien Guichou, Isotropix’s CTO and co-founder, during NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California, this Clarisse update is immediately available to existing customers.

“Integrating NVIDIA OptiX AI-driven denoiser technology in Clarisse was a no-brainer. It allows Clarisse’s renderer to converge faster to the final result. This is simply ideal for artists: they can now even make more creative decisions faster!” said Sébastien Guichou, Isotropix’s CTO and co-founder.

Thanks to the real-time denoiser powered by NVIDIA GPUs, artists can now make their creative decisions faster than ever before as this technology dramatically speeds up final render times and greatly improves the quality of interactive feedback.

“We love the potential of NVIDIA OptiX image denoising technology integration in Clarisse. It’s completely changing the game for path-tracers. It’s incredibly fast and it almost feels magical to see all this nice smooth detail appear instantly instead of indecipherable noise!” commented Sylvain Theroux, Senior Visual Effect Artist at Raynault VFX.

This Clarisse 3.6 SP1 update brings OptiX AI-driven denoiser technology in the form of a real-time denoiser in Clarisse’s 3D View interactive progressive rendering, as an image filter for Clarisse final renders and finally as a new command line tool to denoise final renders as a post-render batch process.
Clarisse denoiser update features description:

Real-time denoising in 3D View

Thanks to its integration into Clarisse’s 3D View, the NVIDIA OptiX AI denoiser brings progressive rendering to the next level. This game-changing image process enables Clarisse’s renderer to converge way faster to the final result allowing artists to make their creative decisions in no time.

"The implications of the NVIDIA OptiX AI-accelerated denoiser in Clarisse are huge. It's a great way of reducing render and iteration time, both for preview and final images!" noted Martin Ögren, VFX Operations Manager at Important Looking Pirates.

Final render denoising

Integrated as a new image filter in Clarisse, users can now benefit from NVIDIA’s AI-driven denoiser directly on their final renders, leading to quicker render times as the number of samples required to render a noise-free final image is dramatically reduced.

CDenoise a new tool for render-farms

In addition, Isotropix has introduced CDenoise, a special command line tool designed to solve the issue of denoising renders on render-farms that may not be entirely equipped with NVIDIA GPUs. This dedicated tool allows customers to apply the denoiser on dedicated machines equipped with NVIDIA GPUs as a batch post-process using as input a sequence of rendered EXR files.

Watch the Denoiser Feature highlights video.

Updated Personal Learning Edition.

Isotropix provides an up-to-date Personal Learning Edition (PLE) of its software, giving users the great opportunity to learn and explore, for free, all aspects of Clarisse’s newest version and features. Last January, Isotropix introduced a major change to its PLE policy, allowing users to save watermark-free renders* of their work directly out the Personal Learning Editions

Clarisse PLE can be downloaded at:

*Watermark-free renders are subject to limitations: they are limited to a maximum of 3 saves per 24 hours, with a maximum size of 2560x1440, for non-commercial purpose exclusively.

More in-depth information about Clarisse 3.6 is available at:


Clarisse 3.6 SP1 update is immediately available to purchase starting from $999, through Isotropix’s online store and its authorized resellers. Existing customers, with an active maintenance, are eligible for a free upgrade.

For further details on pricing and licensing please refer to Isotropix’s online store

Free Learning Resources

Focused video tutorials covering these new features comes along with this latest update. These tutorials are immediately available and can be found on Isotropix Learning Hub.

Marketing Resources

Promotional images and up-to-date logos are available to download here, for high-res images or specific requests, please contact us.

Clarisse 3.6 SP1 Webinar

Isotropix will be hosting an exclusive webinar on Thursday, April 12th at 6pm (GMT+1) / 9 am (PST) to present the all-new denoiser features.

About Isotropix

Isotropix is a software development company founded in 2011 by former CG Artists, Sam Assadian and Sebastien Guichou. The company develops Clarisse a nextgen high-end 3D graphics software targeted for the VFX/Animation industry and adopted by world leading studios such as DNEG, Industrial Light & Magic, WETA Digital and Dreamworks Animation. Today, Clarisse is extensively used in pipelines and has already been delivering images for many feature films such as: Star Wars The Force Awakens / The Last Jedi, Star Trek Beyond and more recently Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Valerian, Blade Runner 2049 as well as many TV-series like American Gods, The Young Pope, Black Sails, Black Mirror and Altered Carbon. For more information, visit

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