Isotropix Launches Clarisse 3.6

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Press Release
January 10th, 2018

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, January 11, 2017 – Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software, announced today the official launch of Clarisse 3.6, the latest version of its nextgen artist centric creation tool.

For this new update, the software company pursues Clarisse 3.5’s development offensive into layout, look development, lighting and rendering - bringing new exciting features and offering its users the most innovative 3D and VFX creative experience.

“We’ve packed a ton of new features and enhancements into Clarisse 3.5 but some thrilling features were still in development at launch time. That’s why we’ve decided to release Clarisse 3.6 a bit ahead of our usual schedule so that everyone could benefit from these new awesome features! Clarisse 3.6 is more than just a new iteration, it delivers much awaited features such as a complete Shadow Catcher and brand new non-photorealistic rendering solutions!" Commented Sam Assadian, Isotropix’s CEO and Co-founder. 

Key Features for this release include: 

New Shadow Catcher

Thanks to the new Shadow Catcher, background plates can now easily receive shadows and color bleeding of CG elements in scenes greatly simplifying live action integration. Clarisse 3.6 also introduces at the same time a new LPE unoccluded event to extract diffuse, reflection and transmission occlusions in custom LPEs. 

New Outline Shader

Clarisse 3.6 introduces the new outline subpixel filter. The outline shader allows to render high quality edges and silhouettes from 3D scenes to easily create great non-photorealistic images such as blueprints or cel-shading style renderings directly in Clarisse. 

New Shading Variables

The all-new Shading Variables released with Clarisse is a must have feature to streamline any look-development pipeline. It allows user to create and share true material templates across multiple objects in projects to simplify the management of their scenes. Instead of duplicating whole material networks, specialize and drive them directly by defining Shading Variable values at shading group, geometry or shading layer levels. 

New Alembic Bundles

Alembic bundles are now the most uncompromising way to bring Alembic archives in Clarisse. They are a new type of geometry that allows user to bring a whole Alembic file as a single item in Clarisse 3.6. Alembic Bundles dramatically reduce the complexity of the scene. They are faster to load, more portable and manageable and they use less memory.

Clarisse 3.6 new watermark-free Personal Learning Edition policy

Isotropix provides an up to date Personal Learning Edition of its software. The PLE gives the great opportunity to learn and explore, for free, all aspects of Clarisse newest version and features. Along with this update, Isotropix introduces a major change in its Personal Learning Edition Policy. From now on, users can save watermark-free renders* of their work directly out of the Personal Learning Edition. 

Clarisse 3.6 PLE can be downloaded at: 

*Watermark-free renders are subject to limitations: they are limited to a maximum of 3 saves per 24 hours, with a maximum size of 2560x1440, for non-commercial purpose exclusively.

More in-depth information about Clarisse 3.6 is available at:

Pricing and availability

Clarisse 3.6 is immediately available to purchase starting from $999, through Isotropix’s online store and its authorized resellers. Existing customers, with an active maintenance, are eligible for a free 3.6 upgrade.

For further details on pricing and licensing please refer to Isotropix’s online store.

Clarisse 3.6 Learning Resources

Free video tutorials covering the new 3.6 features come along with this new update. These tutorials are immediately available and can be found on Isotropix Learning Hub. In addition, Clarisse Quick Start Tutorial specifically designed to familiarize users with Clarisse has been updated and can be watched here.

Clarisse 3.6 Marketing Resources

Promotional images and up to date logos are available to download here, for high-res images or specific requests, please contact us.

About Isotropix

Isotropix is a software development company founded in 2011 by former CG Artists. The company develops Clarisse a nextgen high-end 3D graphics software targeted for the VFX industry and adopted by world leading studios such as Double Negative, Industrial Light & Magic, Tippett Studio and WETA Digital. Today, Clarisse is extensively used in pipelines and has already been delivering images for many feature films such as: Star Wars The Force Awakens / The Last Jedi, Star Trek Beyond and more recently Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Valerian, Blade Runner 2049 as well as many TV-series like Agent Carter, American Gods, The Young Pope and Black Sails. For more information, visit

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