Isotropix unveils Angie, their CPU+GPU Renderer

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Press Release
November 30th, 2020

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, December 1st, 2020 – Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software, unveiled a tech preview of Angie, their new CPU and GPU renderer for its flagship product Clarisse, a high-end 3D DCC used to create and render images for award winning visual effects feature films and TV series.

Angie is a forward thinking, new hybrid CPU and GPU rendering engine for Clarisse. The new renderer is highly optimized and has been created from ground up to leverage the full power of modern computers. “The CPU part of Angie alone can render images up to 10 times faster than the latest release of Clarisse 4.0!” says Sam Assadian, CEO and co-founder of Isotropix, and according to him faster rendering speed can be reached by enabling GPU acceleration on Angie. During the Isotropix Live Event, Assadian presented a benchmark showing that the NVIDIA RTX 8000 GPU can get up to 2.8 times faster than the AMD 3990x 64 cores CPU. The CEO of the company also presented the benefit of hybrid rendering technology which consists of using both CPU and GPU to render images. Using Angie’s hybrid mode, renders get even faster. They are divided by more than a factor of 2. "For indies and small studios, this technology brings the power of a small render farm in their workstations. The biggest benefits in render times are for artists using Clarisse on content creator or gaming laptops. Render times will be simply divided by 10 with Angie!” adds Sam Assadian.

Isotropix has always been renowned to be at the forefront of innovation by adopting promising technologies very early on. The GPU acceleration of Angie is born from the close relationship between Isotropix and NVIDIA which started in 2016. In 2018, Clarisse was the first 3D DCC to integrate NVIDIA OptiX AI-denoiser. Early 2019, Clarisse was this time the first to take on NVIDIA RTX acceleration. Clarisse was also one of the first commercially available applications to have integrated open source technologies such as Alembic and USD that became industry standards later on. Following this trend, Isotropix is now embracing MaterialX, the technology created by LucasFilms, making look development portable between applications. ‘’We are convinced that MaterialX is going to be a cornerstone of our industry in the next couple of years and we chose to rely on OSL to support it in Angie. Not only OSL performs amazingly on CPU and GPU, but also provides our customers an unprecedented level of flexibility regarding the development of their custom shaders.’’ commented Sebastien Guichou, CTO & co-Founder at Isotropix.


Isotropix is planning to release Angie sometime in 2021. It will be available as a free update to customers under maintenance in both Clarisse and CNode (command-line version of Clarisse). For more information about Clarisse, please refer to For more information about CNode

Media and Marketing Resources

You will find the unveil video of Angie presented by Sam Assadian, CEO and co-founder of Isotropix here

The Isotropix Live Event where it was first aired is available here.

Marketing materials and logos of Angie, Clarisse, Isotropix and CNode are available to download here.

Image Courtesy of Mickael Riciotti

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About MaterialX

MaterialX is an open standard for transfer of rich material and look-development content between applications and renderers. Originated at Lucasfilm in 2012, MaterialX has been used by Industrial Light & Magic in feature films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and by ILMxLAB in real-time experiences such as Trials On Tatooine. More information here

About OSL

Open Shading Language (OSL) is a small but rich language for programmable shading in advanced renderers and other applications, ideal for describing materials, lights, displacement, and pattern generation. OSL was originally developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks for use in its in- house renderer used for feature film animation and visual effects, released as open source so it could be used by other visual effects and animation studios and rendering software vendors. More information here.

About Isotropix

Isotropix is a software development company founded in 2011 by former CG Artists, Sam Assadian and Sebastien Guichou. The company develops Clarisse a nextgen high-end 3D graphics software targeted for the VFX/Animation industry and adopted by world-leading studios such as DNEG, Industrial Light & Magic, WETA Digital and Dreamworks Animation. Since 2014, Clarisse has been delivering images for over 100 feature films and TV-series. For more information, please visit

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