Isotropix unveils Clarisse iFX 1.5

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Press Release
July 16th, 2013

Press Release

Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software solutions, announced today Clarisse iFX 1.5 the new version of its next gen 2D/3D graphics software and the “Anniversary Pack” a limited special offer.

Clarisse iFX 1.5 is out! 

”Last year when we unveiled Clarisse iFX we never had anticipated such a positive response from the CG community. This is why we are now extremely excited by the release of Clarisse iFX 1.5 which is the result of one year of hard work between our R&D and artists and R&D of world major studios.” said Sam Assadian, CEO of Isotropix. Clarisse iFX 1.5 brings a wide range of improvements, particularly in the areas of rendering, workflow, memory usage optimization, out-of-the-box pipeline integration and support for the upcoming Alembic 1.5. 

This past year, Isotropix relationships with world leading studios, such as Industrial Light & Magic and Double Negative, and middle size ones such as Ellipsanime and Cube Creative, pushed the boundaries of Clarisse iFX. “Their feedback on real production issues was extremely precious to us and during the past year our R&D faced quite a few challenges solved in Clarisse iFX 1.5”, Sam Assadian continued. As a result, Clarisse iFX 1.5 offers to everyone even more innovative solutions, brings many improvements in its rendering engine, manages easily hundreds of thousands of different items, loads scenes up to 75% quicker, allows users to browse and manage items up to 10 times faster and displays massive improvements in memory usage which has been divided by 4.   

“Clarisse has matured to become the robust rendering hub studios are looking for their production pipelines and that freelancers are seeking for their daily works”, said Sébastien Guichou, CTO of Isotropix. Clarisse iFX 1.5 brings an all-new hair and fur engine, increases photo-realistic rendering quality with new physical shaders, 3D depth of field and enhanced 3D motion blur. It also displays increased performances and quite a few new scene assembly features allowing users to automatize the generation of ready-to-render scenes based on their assets. Users can now also easily integrate Clarisse to asset managers, render farm controllers and use Python scripting to customize it to their needs. 

“With this release, we are ecstatic to announce the support of the upcoming Alembic 1.5 truly unleashing Clarisse's performances.” said Sébastien Guichou. Developed co-jointly by Lucasfilm and Sony Pictures Imageworks, latest Alembic 1.5, yet to be announced during SIGGRAPH 2013, allows  faster and concurrent multi-threaded access to scene data. As a result, animated scenes that were displaying slow playback rates of 1 fps are now benefiting from Clarisse fully multi-threaded engine to display playback rates as high as 20 fps. 

“The amount of new features is so big in this version, we could have called it Clarisse iFX 2.0” said Houman Assadian Sales Director of Isotropix. “But, we wanted to reward our early adopters by releasing it as a free update. This is how it became Clarisse iFX 1.5”, he continued. Clarisse iFX 1.5 is a free update to any Clarisse iFX owners while maintenance subscribers have their maintenance programs extended to the next major release. 

“Since last year, we received tons of emails from both frustrated small studios and freelancers who couldn't afford our software. This was really frustrating for us too, and we are more than happy to bring them the Clarisse iFX Anniversary Pack”, said Houman Assadian. Starting from 07/22/2013 to 07/31/2013, Isotropix introduces the “Anniversary Pack”, a time-limited offer that includes 1 license of Clarisse iFX plus 5 licenses of CNODE at $1,499$/EUR 1299. This offer includes full maintenance subscription and is limited to 1 purchase per customer. With this special pack, customers save more than $6,400/EUR 5400 on normal pricing.


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Siggraph in Anaheim

Isotropix will be attending Siggraph in Anaheim. During the whole exhibition they will show unreleased footage of Clarisse iFX 1.5 and will deliver live demos on its new features @booth #368. 

Pricing and Availability

Clarisse iFX 1.5 update will be available sometime in August 2013. Clarisse iFX Anniversary Pack will be available from Isotropix's on-line store at $1,499$/EUR 1299 from July 22nd 2013 till July 31st 2013. The Anniversary Pack will be also available on Isotropix's partners websites.


About Isotropix

Founded by animation industry veterans, Isotropix is a start-up specialized in developing high-end professional graphics software and aims to provide to CG artists game-changing innovations. While industry players solutions are dictated by marketing departments, the strong belief of Isotropix founders is to design their solutions "for CG artists, by CG artists". They believe they'll revolutionize the market by simplifying user-workflow with their disruptive innovative software that answers CG artist's growing frustration.

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