Isotropix unveils Clarisse iFX.

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Press Release
May 26th, 2012

Press Release

Isotropix™, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software solutions, announced today Clarisse™ iFX™, the first member of its Clarisse's high-end 3D animation software product family designed for professional CG artists.

Isotropix unveils Clarisse iFX.

Clarisse iFX: a new breed of 2D/3D software that reinvents the traditional approach of creating final images.

"Clarisse is going to revolutionize the animation industry as now, distinction between 2D and 3D software is a thing of the past," said Sam Assadian, CEO/founder of Isotropix. "CG artists can finally use an animation software that lets them work directly, intuitively and interactively on their final images."

Clarisse iFX was born out of a close relationship between Isotropix software engineers and a team of international CG professionals ranging from freelancers to supervisors working in world leading studios. "Clarisse was designed from scratch in constant collaboration with a talented team of CG artists and it's this unique creative collaboration that led Clarisse to deliver its incredible workflow."

This innovative workflow offers CG artists the promise to create lifelike environments and ultra detailed layouts, to animate, to light, to work on materials and textures, or even to create stunning visual effects using 3D or compositing while always interacting with the final image. Its revolutionary workflow doesn't require, from CG artists, to work in isolation on segmented and sequential tasks such as rendering or compositing. "Clarisse iFX is the smart and seamless integration of four different kinds of software into a single one that provides a unified workflow" said Sebastien Guichou, CTO/co-founder of Isotropix. Artists can now work freely and simultaneously, without compromise, in any order on each element that participates to their final images. "Clarisse's workflow is both very intuitive and powerful. Image quality is just greatly improved and in actual cases, CG artists' productivity is heavily boosted up to 10 times!" said Yann Couderc, former VFX supervisor, now working for Isotropix.

Clarisse iFX is powered by a modern and robust fully multi-threaded evaluation engine, smart enough to avoid unnecessary re-computations when scene parameters are changed, and so capable that it automatically detects and eliminates redundant data to save memory. "As a former render TD, I easily recall the number of hours I've spent optimizing manually 3D scenes that used too much memory to be rendered. It's amazing how many painful hours I could have saved if only we were working with Clarisse at the time." adds Yann Couderc. Clarisse iFX also comes with a broad range of high-end integrated features such as a cutting edge interactive 3D rendering engine integrated within a 2D compositor. Designing visually-rich images with full effects, billions of polygons, gigabytes of textures has never been so easy, fast and fun for artists when they can rely on Clarisse iFX to minimize technical limitations for them. 

Isotropix is proud to have designed this cutting edge solution that will simplify daily works of CG artists working on animated series, visual effects, visualization and product design. Clarisse iFX liberates users from technical limitations and only serves their creative artistry. 

Pricing and availability

Clarisse iFX is currently being privately beta tested by professional CG artists and is scheduled for public release in Quarter 2 of 2012. Learn more about Clarisse iFX by visiting:


About Isotropix

Founded by animation industry veterans, Isotropix is a start-up specialized in developing high-end professional graphics software and aims to provide to CG artists game-changing innovations. While industry players solutions are dictated by marketing departments, the strong belief of Isotropix founders is to design their solutions "for CG artists, by CG artists". They believe they'll revolutionize the market by simplifying user-workflow with their disruptive innovative software that answers CG artist's growing frustration.

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