Education Eligibility

If you are a student, a teacher or a representative of an Educational Institution you may be eligible to our special educational licensing offer.
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Educational License Policy

Our educational licenses offer all features and capabilities of the commercial license of software provided they are used for educational purpose only. This excludes the right to use our software for any commercial or for-profit purposes. Our educational licenses are 1 year fixed-term licenses. They include the maintenance during the validity of the license and automatically expire after 1 year if not renewed.


If you are currently studying in an educational institution that is already teaching  our software, you can be entitled to a FREE fully featured node-locked home license of Clarisse. If you are not studying in such educational institution, you can still have access to a fully featured node-locked home license of Clarisse at a highly discounted price!


If you are working for an educational institution teaching subjects related to 3D, animation and visual effects, you can be entitled to a FREE fully featured node-locked home license of Clarisse to learn our software and prepare your Clarisse materials for your class!

Educational Institutions

If you represent an institution or a organization dedicated to education and training subjects related to 3D, animation and VFX, you can be entitled to highly discounted price on our software. Our educational policy also offers to educational institutions teaching Clarisse, FREE fully featured home licenses of Clarisse to their teachers and students!

How to request for your educational eligibility?


Create an account

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In order to get your educational eligibility validation, you must first create an account on our website. Creating an account is very simple and shouldn't take you longer than a minute to complete.




Get your educational eligibility proof ready

  1.  If you are a student, please scan your Student ID with your name and validation or issue date clearly visible.

  2.  If you are a teacher or if you represent an educational institution, please provide a proof of your employment by the educational institution you are working for.


Contact Isotropix Sales Team

Make sure to have your education proof ready with you as you will be requested to upload it to us. When you are ready, please click on the button below to submit your eligibility.