Isotropix Maintenance Benefits

Get a year’s worth of updates and key benefits!



We’re constantly listening to your feedback and as a result we keep improving Clarisse, as we do this we deliver new releases throughout the year, from service packs with bug fixes and improvements to major releases packed full of new features. You get access to them all while you’re on maintenance. More details here


We know how important customer support can be when you’re facing a deadline, that’s why our expert and much loved team are always on hand to ensure your problems are solved. When you’re on maintenance you get a dedicated team ready and able to help you out in any crisis. More details here


We know there are times when you just need to work from somewhere else, or maybe it’s time to update your machine. While you’re on maintenance we’ll ensure you get 2 free license transfers to ensure you’ve always got the creative power of Clarisse at your fingertips.



renew your maintenance plan

Renewing gives you all-in access to latest updates and dedicated support for another year! Renew now and keep your license up to date!






How do I subscribe to the maintenance?
Maintenance is included for the first year with all Isotropix products. At expiration date, you’ll need to renew your maintenance on an annual basis.

What happens when my maintenance expires?

After your maintenance has expired, you will still be able to use your latest version of Clarisse for as long as you want. Renewing your maintenance will ensure you are always up to date with the latest release and receive premium support. 

How to check if my maintenance has expired?
We’ll be sending you a reminder before your maintenance expiration date with all the information you might need but you can also check your maintenance status at any time by logging in to your USER ACCOUNT, under MY LICENSES.

What happens if I renew my maintenance after ITS expiration?
You can renew your maintenance subscription at the best available price during the 30 days following its expiration date. If you decide to renew at a later date, you’re welcome back anytime! Find out more about our Maintenance Subscription Program here or by talking to one of our Sales Team Members!