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What is Clarisse iFX PLE?

Clarisse iFX Personal Learning Edition (PLE) gives you the opportunity to learn and explore, for free, all aspects of Clarisse iFX for non-commercial purpose. Clarisse iFX PLE gives you access to all the features that are available in Clarisse iFX commercial version. A subtle watermark is also displayed on images and Clarisse iFX PLE saves its projects in dedicated non-commercial file format. 

Please note that Clarisse iFX PLE is based on the latest major version released to date. If you want to access Clarisse latest maintenance monthly builds, please fill in the form and request a fully featured evaluation license of our software. 

What does non-commercial use mean?

Clarisse iFX PLE is for non-commercial use only, as stated in the software license agreement. This means that anyone using Clarisse iFX PLE cannot create images and projects for any commercial business purposes. For any avoidance of doubt, providing training or instruction to third parties is also excluded.

What are the differences between the Clarisse iFX PLE and the commercial version of Clarisse iFX?

Clarisse iFX PLE offers most of functionalities of Clarisse iFX, with the following main differences:

Frequently Asked Questions about Clarisse iFX PLE

Is support available for Clarisse iFX PLE?
No, but you may find help from Clarisse Community forum users. To get official support you will need to either purchase a commercial version or an academic version.

Can I share my Clarisse iFX PLE files with other Clarisse iFX PLE users?

Can the commercial version of Clarisse iFX read files created by the PLE?
No. The commercial version of Clarisse iFX cannot read Clarisse iFX PLE files, as files created with the Clarisse iFX PLE are for non-commercial use only. It is not possible to convert Clarisse iFX PLE files to the commercial file format.

Can Clarisse iFX PLE read files from the commercial version of Clarisse iFX?
Yes. Clarisse iFX PLE can read files from the commercial version of Clarisse iFX.

Will Clarisse iFX PLE get updated?
Yes, it follows the updates of the commercial version.

Will I be able to convert Clarisse iFX PLE files into regular Clarisse iFX files?
No, Clarisse iFX PLE is intended only as a non-commercial learning tool.

Where can I find tutorials?
All of our tutorials are available on the Learn section of our website. Please visit:

What is included with Clarisse iFX PLE download?
It includes the software, online documentation and a complete set of tutorials teaching you the basics of using Clarisse iFX. 

Installation Instructions

First we highly recommend you to make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements before installing our software.

Mac OS X